Oct  November 2017
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Sunday, Nov 19, 2017   
Award Winner
Adrenaline Shots  Vail (6 adrenaline shots used)
AK-47  Daddyfatsac (303 kills with ak47)
Auto-Shotgun  Bugs Bunny (202 kills with auto-shotgun)
Baseball Bat  Darth_Sylph (56 kills with baseball bat)
Best Latency  ×βäkäβreäd× (71 ms average connection)
Chainsaw  SpaceRaider (51 kills with chainsaw)
Chrome Shotgun  carolynburns93 (8 kills with chrome shotgun)
Combat Rifle  Durka (122 kills with combat rifle)
Crowbar  jc (26 kills with crowbar)
Dual Pistols  jc (31 kills with dual pistols)
Fireaxe  Lawiko (181 kills with fireaxe)
Flame  SpaceRaider (1 kills with flame)
Frying Pan  Dawgs (120 kills with frying_pan)
Grenade Launcher  [BWPMC]<Insert Name Here> (3 kills with grenade launcher)
Ground Cover  Lawiko (2 rescued Survivors)
Helping Hand  John_Lemon11 (6 revived Survivors)
Hunter Punter  AuburnBeard (2 hunter punts)
Hunting Rifle  Darth_Sylph (28 kills with hunting rifle)
Inferno  Queso (150 kills with inferno)
Katana  loading (89 kills with katana)
Killed Boomers  loading (10 killed Boomers)
Killed Chargers  Conners53 (9 killed Chargers)
Killed Hunters  AuburnBeard (10 killed Hunters)
Killed Jockey  loading (12 killed Jockies)
Killed Smokers  MadlyTailz (15 killed Smokers)
Killed Spitter  jc (10 killed Spitters)
Killed Tanks  AuburnBeard (8 killed Tanks)
Killed Witches  Bugs Bunny (3 killed Witches)
Longest Play Time  carolynburns93 (01:04:40h hours)
M-60  Darth_Sylph (15 kills with M-60)
Mac-10  Queso (180 kills with mac-10)
Mac-10 (Silenced)  SpaceRaider (216 kills with mac-10 silenced)
Machete  Dog Soldier (16 kills with machete)
Magnum  Bugs Bunny (90 kills with magnum)
Minigun  Dawgs (8 kills with minigun)
Most Headshots  Dawgs (98 headshots)
Most Improved Player  loading (2,165 points gained)
Most Kills  loading (615 kills)
Pipe Bomb  loading (106 kills with pipe bomb)
Pistol  Dawgs (39 kills with pistol)
Protector  John_Lemon11 (42 teammate protections)
Rifle  AuburnBeard (282 kills with rifle)
Shotgun  ThatOneSpartan (70 kills with shotgun)
Sniper Rifle  Turin Test (160 kills with sniper rifle)
SPAS-12  Conners53 (55 kills with spas-12)
Teammates Defibrillated  carolynburns93 (1 teammates defibrillated)
Tonfa  loading (3 kills with tonfa)